Dr. Richeson Speaks Nationally on a Variety of Topics

Health Lectures

Dealing with Breast Cancer
Dealing with Aggressive Patients
Depression in Medical Care
Diabetes and Stress
Eating Disorders - Diseases of Affluent Times
Binge Eating Disorder
Family Systems in Substance Abuse

Work Lectures

Stress Management and Relaxation

Family Lectures

Addicted Families - Everyone's a Victim
Adolescents and Suicide
The Sandwich Generation:  Caring for Our Parents, Our Children and Ourselves

Other Lectures

Accepting Change and Moving On
Codependency - Wounded Hearts
Grief and Grieving
Motivation - Jumping the Hurdles in Your Mind
Multiple Roles - Multiple Priorities for Women
Obsessive Compulsive Disorders - When Too Much Is Never Enough
Psychological Factors in Serious Illness
Sexuality and Sexual Dysfunctions
Teen Dating Violence
Women and Depression:  When Sadness Becomes Sickness

For availability, rates and further information please contact Dr. Richeson's office at 915/584-3636.